Monday, May 18, 2009

Road Trippin'

One would think that I was on some heavy medication when I thought up the idea to drive down to Orlando, Fl and back with 3 children under 3. Heck, for a while there, I thought I was crazy too. But to my pleasant surprise, all 3 of the Lebanik kids did amazingly well on the 18+ hour drive there and again on the 19+ hour trip back home. Why was the trip back longer? It's because I had never seen New Orleans and Kevin wanted to drive thru on the way home. How, do you ask, did the trip go so well? Well, first got up each morning at 3:00 and were out the door by 3:45. That way, the kids were still groggy and slept for the first part of the trip. Once they got up we always made sure to find a Cracker Barrel for them to play "checker cheese" and fill them up for the long day ahead. The best thing I packed for the entire trip was the kids' baby potty. Bathroom breaks on the road averaged less than 4 minutes total time. We pulled over, let them go, I rinsed it out and we were back on the road. Seriously though, my kids were great. There was minimal whining, a total of 3 temper tantrums and a mommy that was willing to play flight attendant that made the trip a success.

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Nicole O'Dell said...

I missed this post somehow ( could be because they are few and far between!!!;) )

But, I'm so glad I caught it. Great pics!!!

I'm glad you had a fun time!