Friday, March 20, 2009

And The Award For Worst Blogger Goes To...(A Long Overdue Update)

ME! My goodness, am I behind on things! Well, I guess that would be because my life is exactly as I described in my blog's intro...we run full throttle. Unfortunately, that has ment not keeping up with ya'll lately. My apologies.

So, what have we been up to? Well, Emma and Hailey continue to amaze me. It's true, kids say the darndest things. We went to Central Market today and I bought the girls some sweedish fish. Well, while I was trying to get Matty down for a nap, the girls got into them. Before the entire bag was downed, I tried hiding them in a top cabinet. Miss Hailet pulled a chair over and proceeded to climb up to find said bag. When I yelled at her she replied, "but mom, they're so tasty!" Really? How can I be upset with a response like that. Speaking of the girls. They have descovered that horrible, horrible three letter word. Why? I now officially HATE that word! Conversations around here have gone something like this:

Me: "Please don't throw things at your brother!"
Hailey: "why?"
Me: "Because you could hurt him. And he's a little baby"
Emma: "No mommy, he's a BIG baby!"
Me: "Just don't throw thing, okay?"
Emma: " mommy. Daddy throws balls. Why can't we?"
Me: "because I said so!"
Hailey: "why?"

Ahhh...the wonders of toddler-hood! But I guess it's a good thing. I started this program that is put on by the school district called Parents As Teachers. It helps to make sure that stay at home kids are developing well and when the girls had their first evaluation, I was told that their vocabulary was impecable. I couldn't help but be a proud momma. So I guess that the girls can ask all the questions they want as long as they continue to learn. Well, maybe there are a few questions off limits, but we'll get those in a little bit. ;) The program is great though. The school puts on 2 play dates a month, has 2 smaller play dates and onces a month a teacher comes out for one-on-one time with all 3 of the kids. Even Matty is learning some beginner skills that will help him prepare for school later on down the road.

The girls at school:

Then there is my boy. Gosh do I love this kid! I sware he is the sweetest thing in the world. And I used the word "kid" here deliberately. He is SO not my baby any more. He cut his first 2 teeth this month and is just about ready to walk. I know what you're way! He's only 8 months old. But I'm telling ya'll, he has been cruzing for months and is now standing alone. He's even walking while only holding on to one hand. I know he is desperate to be big like his sisters, but enough is enough! I'll take my baby back even if it's for a moment.

My big boy:

What are Kevin and I doing these days? Well, Kevin is still kicking butt at work. But that's nothing new. He is so good at his job! And he seems to like it too. He's been able to catch a game or two of golf and talk about a great daddy, he's even agreed to a family vacation. Well, I kinda put the idea in his head, but for him to actually agree to it is WAY cool on his behalf.

Am I mean or what?

We're planning on going the second week in May. Can I tell you, I am so excited? I may be more excited than the girls right now!

Me? Well God has finally answered my prayers. I have been able to start running again, but I am taking things really slow. I don't want to hurt myself or cause injury that might make things worse. Besides, I have enough other things to fill my plate right now. I am learning to take things in moderation and to enjoy life as it happens. The good, the bad and everything inbetween. Besides, I have become quite fond of photography so I am learning to balance picture time with kiddo time, running time, church time and hubby time. You know, maybe I should join the circus! It sounds like i'm getting this juggling thing down!

Here are a few of my favorite pics that I've taken recently:

I have a ton more to talk about like what Mom's doing, Matty's girlfriend, the girls doing a photo shoot and everything else, but I'll save them for different posts. After all, I can't go a month with out posting again! I'll have my blogger's license taken away!

Lots of love!