Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

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What? I'm Not Doing Anything!

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Soup's On!

With the girls, the first "solid" food that they had was Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup. It's safe cause it doesn't have meat in it and the veggies are all super soft and small...perfect for babies! Both Hailey and Emma loved the new textures and tastes. Not to mention the thrill of eating "big people" food.

Ironically enough, their first experience with soup was the beginning of February. The same as Matty. And just like the girls, Matty instantly fell in love with the old time favorite. I am continually amazed at how similar and yet how different Matthew is from his sisters. All three love to be adventurous. All three love to play. However the Independence of the girls has been balanced with Matthew's desire to cuddle. It was the piece that I was missing. God truly knows what he's doing after all.