Monday, May 4, 2009

I Lost My License!

My blogging license that it. Well, at least my friend Jessica told me I had. And she is so right. Our house has changed so dramatically and the whole point of this blog was to keep ya'll abreast with all those changes. If anything, I have been so wrapped up in the changes that I haven't shared them with you all. My bad. :(

So where were we? Well, last time I posted, mom was getting ready to leave for Las Vegas to handle all her legal stuff in one big ol' swoop. Meanwhile here, we were starting to enter the torturous three's. Yeah...what can I say to that one? Matty was taking his first few steps and Kevin and I needed a break.

Let's fast forward oh, let's say a month. ;) Since we have transitioned Matt into his own room, our lives have become much more "normal" for a lack of a better term. All 3 take a bath at the same time. They all go to bed at the same time. They're on the same schedule. Which is nice because it gives Kevin and I some MUCH needed parent-alone time. Now he doesn't sleep through the night all the time, but I must say that I am a MUCH happier mom now that I get a few hours of rest. We took Matt to his 9 month well-baby visit and Dr. Hopkins was very impressed with my little man. He was 18 lbs. 8 oz., 27.75" tall and way ahead of both gross and fine motor skills. Matt is no longer walking, but now he is running. And climbing. And getting into every possible thing he can. He loves dog food, trash cans and the steps. He is definitely taking after his sisters.

Speaking of which, Hailey and Emma are entering full-blown diva stage. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I will take on four 2 year olds as apposed to ANY 3 year olds. EVERYTHING around here is blown way out of proportion. And now that Matt is mobile, the amount of frustration that they have is astounding. They're good girls though. Nothing makes a mom happier than when she picks her kids up from church preschool and having the teacher tell you how good that your kids are(especially compared to the others in the class!). And they are smart too! We've been doing Parents As Teachers now for a few months and the girls had their 3 year old evaluations. They both are doing things at a 4-5 year level . I am so proud of my little girls. All three of them really. I have the best kids a mom could ask for!

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