Monday, October 13, 2008

Nash Farms

How do parents in Vegas do it? I've asked myself that question over and over again. You see, in Vegas, there was only one put-put course and that was taken away for a casino. There was a water park, but that too got taken away for a casino. There were a couple festivals, but nothing major that was free to the public . Seriously there was nothing to do for small families. This time of the year is the busiest for our family. I live for the time when the weather gets nice and I can take the kids places. Seeing the joy on their faces makes me melt.

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch and we'll probably go visit there another few times before the month is over. We have to go at least one more time because Kevin had a blast with the girls last year. Well Saturday we went to Nash Farms which is another free event. We went there last year with my friend Heather and her twin boys, Brody and Mason. This year Hailey and Emma picked cotton, hugged a sheep, decorated pumpkins, rode a pony ALL BY THEMSELVES, roped a steer, danced to banjos and much more. I can't wait till Matt is old enough to get in on the action.
Next up...Butterfly Flutterby!!!


Rhonda said...

My kids see pics of your kids and say, "That's me and Sophie, that's me and Hannah." So funny. They really were meant to be quads. :D

CLIFF & KRIS said...

I am also a memeber on and have seen your family grow up. I have to say you have the most beautiful children! Welcome to the blogging world. I am very new myself.