Saturday, October 11, 2008

Multiple Multiples

I love Texas. I really do. Never before have I been around so many sets of multiples. It's nice to know that my kids won't be all that different when they become school age. As a matter of fact, there are over 12 sets of multiples at the local elementary school. And in 2010 our development will be getting it's own elementary school. This is especially exciting to me because H&E will be part of the first classes to go to the new campus. And joining them will be our fraternal twin friends Natalie and Aiden...and soon enough another set of near by twins. I'm not aloud to blow the secret just yet, but yet another friend of mine is currently pregnant with twins. She is 10 weeks along as a matter of fact. And to boot...there is a good chance they are identical like the girls! Also, my high school friend Crystal just welcomed twin boys into the world at 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon. WTG CRYSTAL!!! I'll tell you, my real life friends and I should start our very own "Moms of Multiples" support group. Between Des, Lori, myself, my "mystery friend", Heather, Dorsey, and Crystal(Crystal and Dorsey would be honorary members cause of the distance), we've got 21 kids!!! Outings with the whole gang would be a blast, wouldn't they? ;)

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Nicole O'Dell said...

Makes me wish I lived in Texas!

BTW, I LOVE that sweet little pic on the left--the close up ...HOW SWEET!