Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 Months Going On 30

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My son is 6 months and 3 weeks and yet I see him making that inevitable change from baby to big boy virtually overnight. Matthew actually started to scoot back on January 5th, but Kevin was unable to get that on video. He was interupted by a terrible phone call regarding his mother. She had passed away. In the week that followed, Matty mastered the art of sitting unassisted, started to full on crawl and by the time his daddy had returned, we had also gotten the great news that our little man's vsd was almost healed. Talk about a whirl wind month! Now, just a couple weeks later, Matthew has taken his very first cruzing steps and has started pulling up as you saw by the video. I went back and looked to see when the girls started to hit these milestones. Ya'll, I'm sad! He is doing things way before the girls. I am desperately looking for the pause button. Heck, I'll settle for a slow-motion option if I can find one. As hectic as the past 6 months have been, I am scared that these precious baby moments are going to all pass up by before we know it. I know though, that Matty has a very good reason for wanting to grow up fast. As my friend Jodie said, it's "survival of the fittest" in this house and H&E pull no punches. Me-Maw told the girls the other day, "Matt is gonna grow bigger than you one of these days and then you'll be sorry". Well, we'll see. After all, there is only 1 of him and 2 of the girls. In the mean time, I am trying to savor each and every second of my little boy being just little boy.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh, sweetie, I know--it goes too fast. I've always said that each month of a baby's first year should last a whole year.

But, YAY for development, milestones and good health!

Nicole O'Dell said...'s been a week...I'm needing a Lebanik fix...