Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year! (A Few Days Late)

Happy 2009 ya'll! Is everyone else having a hard time dating checks again? I know I sure am. It seems to take me a good couple weeks before I stop writing the previous year on checks and things like that. Old habits die hard I guess. None the less, I couldn't be happier that 2008 is in our past. GOOD RIDDENS! I sware, 2008 was the year that seemed to never a bad way. The highlight of the year was obviously Matty's birth, but I could have skipped the rest of the year entirely.

On to a better, brighter future. Matty started crawling a few days ago and we're getting ready for his 6 month appointment. Can you believe how time has flown? I know I sure can't. I'm continuing to enjoy my job as the Children's Church coordinator at Lakeside, the girls are having a blast in their gymnastics class and Kevin is still blowing away his numbers as a valuable member of the John Deere team. Even my mom is moving ahead to a brighter future. She is looking at getting a place of her own in addition to trying out some extra curricular activities to keep her busy.
How did we welcome in the new, highly anticipated year? The same way any family with three young kids would. We were in bed by 9:30 pm! But boy oh boy did we get down with our bad selves before then! We were invited over to our friends Shelly and Eric's house for some New Year's Eve festivities. Although Emma was a bit of a party pooper (she wanted to sleep by 7:45) Hailey had fun with sparklers, Kevin had a beer or two with his friend Eric who just got back from Iraq, Matt got spoiled rotten by all the women there and Mom and I ate some awesome tostadas that Shelly had cooked up.

From the Lebaniks to all of our friends and family, we hope that everyone had an amazing holiday season and we hope that your 2009 is filled with good times, health and most of all love!


Deidre said...

It looks like y'all had a great time. Your children as so beautiful!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Great pictures!

Yay for crawling!!!

Jodie said...

I love that you have a crawler. He is so cute, and yes, he and Avery would be gorgeous with their pretty eyes! The girls are growing like tumbleweed!