Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Too cold. Too cold. Oh my gosh, sorry, I had to finish off that line. I know, I'm corny.

Friday was a great day! We had lots of fun around the Lebanik house. Well, not in the house, but yeah...you know what I'm getting at. The kids and I made a trip to the air port to pick up my brother Ryan(who just graduated from UNVL) and my mom. She had been in Vegas for a week visiting with friends and of course watching Ryan's commencement. After we picked them up, we headed to the mall to burn some time before Kevin got off of work. Besides, I was in desperate need of some winter hats for the girls. It was going to get cold again before Christmas and we had something extra special planned for that night. I had been given 4 tickets to the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Texan Resort so we met up with Kevin as soon as he could leave work. ICE! is an exhibit of over 2 millions pounds of ice that were made into sculptures by 40 visiting artists from China. And to keep all of that ice from melting, they keep it COLD in there. Well below freezing. They did provide these super long, thick coasts for everyone to wear, but even then we rushed through as the kids got very cold... very quickly. Afterwards, we hit Quizno's for some quick dinner and headed home. The girls love having Uncle Ryan in the house. He is great with the kids. He plays with them and lets them totally beat on him. I think they'll be sad when he goes back home. But in the mean time, here are some pictures from ICE! including one of Emma and her Uncle Ryan that I absolutely love.


Leigh Anne said...

wow! look at all that ice! that looks awesome! people are so creative...esp lovin' that ice cream cone LOL.

congrats to Ryan on graduating! what a grand accomplishment.

Stessed Momma Kim said...

Beautiful pictures Kelli! Looks like you're getting the hange of that camera!