Thursday, November 20, 2008

Matty Is 4 Months Old!

Well, now he's just as close to 5 months old, but give me a little slack, we've been busy these last couple weeks. So back on the 10th we went for Matt's 4 month well visit and everything went wonderfully. The girls behaved in the office, Matt didn't pee on the scale and Dr. Hopkins was super impressed with Matt's progress. So far, my little man is starting to sit unassisted, has rolled over a few times from belly to back and he talks as much as his sisters. Oh yeah...and he can bear weight down on his legs while just barely holding on to some one's hands. I'll tell ya, this kids wants to be off running with his sisters already. Either that or he wants to run of and hide from them. Hmmm...anything else? Oh yeah! We've been cleared for food! Woo hoo! I am determined to get this kid to sleep longer than 3 hours at night. I am really hoping that cereal will do the trick. The worst part of the day was having to get his shots. Poor little thing. He screamed so loud. He couldn't catch his breath he was so upset. But a little love from momma and he was no worse for wear. Now for the stats...

Our Matthew is 25.5" long(75%) with a head cir. of 16"(10-25%) and weighs 13 lbs. 10 oz(25%)!!! I am so proud of him for growing like a little weed. I have to admit, I'm also proud of myself for sticking with nursing as long as I have. I am trying desperately to continue, but my own health concerns may prohibit that. You'll see why in a different post. Anyways, here is a picture of my handsome little man.


Leigh Anne said...

he's gorgeous Kelly! I can't get over his eyes! He really should be a baby clothes model...and so should your girls!

Nicole O'Dell said...

He really is a gorgeous baby!'s going so fast, isn't it?

Give him a big kiss for me!