Thursday, November 20, 2008

But We No Like Sanna Mommy!!!

Is the 11th of November too early for Hailey, Emma and Matthew to see Santa Clause? HECK NO! Actually, we would have had the kids see him the prior Saturday when we went for the For Worth Child Casting Call, but we didn't have our pretty red sweater dresses on. It's funny cause last year we tried to go the first week of November and they looked at us like we were crazy for thinking that Santa would possible be out that early, but sure enough this year he was. And for the record, in 2006, we saw him on 11/8 so HA! to you North East Mall. Anyways, the trip went as well as I expected it to go. The went up and shook Santa's hand and then latched on to my legs and wouldn't let go. there was NO sitting with Santa. No chance in you know where. Matt did just fine. He sat and giggled. No problems there. I got a decent one of him sitting alone with St. Nick, but adding the girls just wasn't happening. The sweet lady working there said that it tends to be like that till kids are about 3. So here's hoping that Matt stays calm and mellow like he's been and the girls come to realize that that scary man in the big red suit is their friend. We did manage to get a picture however. We just had to use some creativity. It's kinda like the Lebanik kids over threw the North Pole or something. Which honestly, I wouldn't put it past them. But yeah, the picture of the trio sitting in Santa's chair with Santa looking over the shoulder is classic. Hope you like it too. And in true Hailey and Emma fashion, before we left they did manage to ask for a cookie and toys for Christmas...even though there was no way she was sitting on his lap. Gotta love it when girls speak their minds.

Sorry about the quality, it's a picture of a picture. I did ask Santa for a scanner though for Christmas, so maybe we'll get lucky and I can post a truer picture. ;)


mommy to two sweet potato bugs said...

What cuties!! I would have never thought about having Santa behind the chair!! That's perfect!

Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

You should see our picture! Sean is on Santa's lap crying and Emma is on my lap (oh yes, I am in the pic!) with her head buried on my chest. It's classic!

Nicole O'Dell said...

OMG that's hilarious and soo soooo cute!